Kaiho Vodka is a unique vodka from SOUTHWEST FINLAND

Made of the highest quality organic winter wheat and crystal clear artesian water from Southwest Finland. Distilled in a high-grade copper column. Made to perfection. Unfiltered and unsweetened – like its distillers.

We’ve created our Vodka with great pride. With a signature of the Master Distiller on every bottle, we guarantee we know the path of this spirit from seed to bottle.

“Distilled with great pride”

“Crystal clear artesian water”


Our water comes from Somero, where lies one of the largest spring water sources in Southwest Finland. This crystal clear spring water is sourced directly from the spring without any additional filtering or treatment. This enables us to provide you one of the highest possible quality artesian water in the world.

The spring has plenty of water and the water is filtered by a thick ridge of gravel. The ridge formation was created at the end of the ice age and has not been modified in any way to meet water intake needs.


Rainy autumn, crispy winter frost, mild spring and bright summer nights: winter wheat gets its character from all four seasons and is therefore the best raw material for vodka. We are not only paying attention to quality of our vodka, but also to environment and therefore organic winter wheat is our choice. We know the farm and their fields, we know their process from seed to harvest and how the soil is taken care.

“Only the finest organic winter wheat”

“Handcrafted from grain to bottle, not only printed on the label”


We grind, mash, ferment and distill. We operate and maintain the equipment ourselves. We have only one thing in our minds: to produce the best possible vodka. Organic winter wheat, crystal clear artesian water and true craftsmanship.

Distilling is fun and easy, but true joy and excitement of it comes only after the hard work grinding, mashing and fermenting i.e. knowing what you are distilling.

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50 CL 40.2% VOL