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“Why make it easy when you can make it great?”


As vodka enthusiasts we felt like there were not enough choices of artisan vodkas. We saw a lot labels with text “handcrafted”, but in most cases it referred only to small batch production. We wanted to create a vodka that we can proudly tell what it is made of and how it is produced. We also felt that the market was going to wrong direction with ever increasing filtration methods and we want to take vodka back to its roots because coal belongs to the grill, sand to the beach, silver to the table, platinum to the catalysator and diamonds to jewellery. None of the above is needed to make vodka unless mistakes are made in the selection of raw materials or in the production process.


The crown jewel of our distillery is the 20 plate copper distilling column. The more plates the better purified vodka. No shortcuts, more is more. It is not only perfect for the product but also the shining copper beautifully illuminates the distillery. The still is of course operated manually as we are an artisan distillery. There is absolutely no better feeling than starting the distilling day by climbing ladders to reach the valves at the top of the column. Distilling column produces 96 % strength alcohol, Spirit of Southwest Breeze, the base of Kaiho Vodka.

“It is the copper column distilling that makes the quality”

“We want to take care!”

Carbon footprint

Alcohol production is energy intensive and therefore we pay a lot of attention to facilities and utilities. Our electricity is carbon neutral, heating is by bioenergy power plant, waste from mashing is circulated to energy production (no methane released to atmosphere) and that offsets great deal of the carbon footprint of the grain. Bottle is a bottle neck on our way to carbon neutrality so for the time being we compensate by re-foresting.

Southwest finland

The place where all our magic happens. In our opinion the most beautiful part of Finland where the world famous Turku archipelago lies. From the archipelago we source our inspiration in creating our honest spirits without making any compromises. Our distillery lies in Raisio within the Raisionkaari industrial park that strongly focuses on green values. We also source all our fantastic ingredients locally from this area. Our organic premium quality winter wheat comes from Vahto, near Turku and our crystal clear artesian water from Jakkula spring, located in Somero. As we are strongly focusing on environmental awareness, we compensate all our carbon emissions to a local carbon sink, located in Laitila. This is southwest Finland, this is the home of Turku Distillery!

“The treasury of local ingredients!”

Tapio Järvenpää


”Sand belongs to the beach, charcoal to the BBQ, silver to jewelry and platinum to the catalyzers. Great vodka is distilled, not filtered!”

It's time to introduce the masters behind Turku Distillery Ltd. First up The Viking of Vodka, The CEO, also known as Mr.Endwater, officially calls for the name @tapsa_jpaa. This Pope of Spirits enjoys his vodka on the rocks, a single ice cube is enough.

Jari Varjo


"Distilling is like being in love. It's the moment when the science meets art, when something new is being created. It always makes me smile."

Ladies and Gentleman, The Master of Liquid Arts, The culinarist of Spirits, also known as Mr.Shadow, officially named as @jarivarjo The man who loves great vodka and finds his inspiration from the sea and Finnish archipelago.

Pasi Kuronen


”People love stories. The story is very important. Words are important. Great things also need to be captured. Picture, still or motion can tell more than a thousand words.”

The visualist, The Storyteller, The Chef. Others make the product taste good, this man makes it look good.

Sami Halinen


”It’s not about the music you play, it’s the music itself.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr H. The everyday MacGyver. This teddybear-like Master of Science in Engineering is full-blooded IT man who fixes everything. Also things that aren’t broken.

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